Strategy Support

Successful strategic support is shaped entirely by mutual trust, honesty and discretion. These values shape our actions.

A board of directors, consisting of experts from various disciplines, is a valuable tool to ensure the sustainable development of the company. What is needed are experts who are familiar with the opportunities and threats in the given fields and can play a part by providing help and advice.

Owners, entrepreneurs, board members and CEOs act alone at the head of organisations. Friends and relatives can advise you, but they often cannot help with technical issues or complex parts of business processes.
What is needed are discreet and trusted professionals with experience, who can listen and support.  

2ZET AG, owned by the siblings Daniel and Liselotte Züllig, offers the relevant knowledge, skills and experience from many years of successful work as managing directors and board members.

A. Board activities

  • Main focus Liselotte Zuellig: finance, production, sales, human resources
  • Main focus Daniel Zuellig: technology, organization, logistics

B. Interlocutor / Idea exchange / Coach

  • Occasional half-day or full-day meeting
  • Periodic half-day or full-day meeting

C. Organizational Development

  • Corporate Culture
  • Process Landscape
  • Organizational Structure
  • Information- & Knowledge- management

D. Due Diligence

  • Financial Analysis
  • Product & Market Analysis
  • Stakeholder Analysis

E. Papers / Presentations

  • Papers
  • Presentations
If you’d like to learn more about us and how we work, we’d be glad to have an informal conversation with you. Please contact us without obligation.