Finance management

2ZET AG offers, in the form of Lilo Züllig, the requisite knowledge, skills and experience gained from over 25 years’ successful work in various roles. 2ZET AG covers all tasks from within the field of finance and controlling.

Are you planning a reorganisation of your financial operations, either in terms of accounting or controlling? Are you looking for someone to have an independent look at your figures, your cost structure and your operations in the area of finance? But are you lacking the necessary human resources?
2ZET AG, with its external capacity, provides an economically optimal alternative.

The 2ZET AG offers know-how and manpower in the following thematic areas:

A. Finance for SMEs

  • Financial Accounting
  • Business accounting
  • The financial statements
  • Periodic financial statements
  • Insurances
  • Investments

B. Controlling for SMEs

  • Development and implementation of company-specific Controlling Tools
  • Budgeting
  • Reporting
  • Calculations
  • Cost Controlling
  • Liquidity Management

C. Taxes (Switzerland)

  • VAT
  • Municipal / federal taxes

D. Financial accounting and controlling software

  • Evaluation and implementation
  • Training

E. Training / coaching in the areas of Finance & Controlling

  • External / training on the job
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