2ZET AG offers, in the form of Daniel Züllig, the requisite knowledge, skills and experience gained from over 30 years’ successful work in various roles.
The foci are in: Electronics, electrical engineering, sensor technology, innovation management and project management.

Key projects require experienced professionals and spare capacity. Often, in-house staff who are qualified for such tasks are so involved in daily operations that either the project or daily operations would suffer. 2ZET AG, with its external capacity, provides an economically optimal alternative.

Have you found that know-how, creativity and dynamism are not used correctly in your enterprise? Do valuable resources fizzle out because of organisational system or because of outdated ways of working?
Optimally-used resources will make you more competitive.
Working with 2ZET AG pays off and leads to sustained positive results.  
Organization-improvement pays off in a short time and it will show sustainably positive results.

The 2ZET AG offers know-how and manpower in the following thematic areas:

A. Project Management

  • Assessment
  • Planning
  • Project Lead
  • Controlling
  • Reporting

B. Innovation Management

  • Systematics in Innovation Process
  • Brainstorming- and Assessment Processes
  • Planning-, Controlling- & Reporting- tools
  • Conducting of certification processes

C. Optimization of the process landscape

  • Innovation Process
  • Order Fulfillment Processes
  • Logistics processes
  • Reporting processes

D. Sensor Technology

  • Technology- and Innovation support
  • Advice for sensor applications
  • Evaluation of products, technologies, suppliers

E. Training / coaching of junior staff management

  • General technical areas
  • Product Innovation
  • Project management
  • External / on the job training
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