Our method of working

2ZET AG stands out from the crowd thanks to the two company founders contributing high levels of personal commitment, knowledge, skills and experience.
2ZET AG sees itself as: "an implementer for owners and entrepreneurs"

Our method of working is characterised by our enjoyment:
  • in working
  • in challenges
  • in collaborating with people
  • in the joint development of solutions
  • in attaining goals

2ZET AG works through all projects in a consistently target-oriented manner and uses a uniform, systematic approach.

Initial Meeting

If you know precisely where the goal is, you’ll get there.
We place great emphasis on a detailed description of the target, which we will gladly supplement as required by the client. The aim of the initial meeting is the alignment of mutual expectations. The first exchange is decisive in terms of whether a trusting relationship will come about or can develop. Depending on the complexity of the task, 2ZET AG can – after the meeting – develop and submit present a binding offer for the entire project, and/or for the period up to the completion of the design phase.


Where are we standing, what awaits us and what are the obstacles.
Similar to a mountain hike, we need to know the initial conditions before tackling the realization. Inadequate investigations and misinterpretation generate project delays and additional costs which we can avoid by a detailed analysis. The time which is required for the analysis is directly coupled with the complexity of the task.


Establishing the target in detail, the resource requirements and the timeline.
Approval for implementation phase. Upon completion of the analysis, the framework conditions are clarified such that the planning can be addressed.   It is in this phase in particular that 2ZET AG can exploit the many years of professional experience at its disposal. Thanks to our holistic approach, we arrive at reliable conclusions as to the quality requirements, the costs and the timeline. The compiled key data – the requirement specification – must be approved by the client.


‘Rolling our sleeves up’ and personal commitment.
With a clear plan, the tasks can be engaged and tackled with the requisite self-assurance.  The forces of inertia, which are always more tangible at the time of change processes, are overcome through persuasion and emphatic target tracking.   The advantage of being an external resource helps in this respect. Our independence and neutrality towards the participants in the process enable our work to be business-like.


Presentation and evaluation of the results.
2ZET AG will report on all activities performed.
Depending on the agreement reached at the time the order was placed, interim reports and/or comprehensive final reports are compiled and submitted.
If you’d like to learn more about us and how we work, we’d be glad to have an informal conversation with you. Please contact us without obligation.